Hello everyone

Well, hey. Welcome to my newborn blog!

I don’t usually like to talk about myself so don’t expect something brilliant, but here we go:

My name’s Andy, actually it’s Andrada but since I went to kindergarten, where my friends couldn’t pronounce my full name I’m stuck with Andy. That’s fine with me. It’s one of those cases in which you get called by your given name and you don’t listen to it because everyone calls you Andy normally. So guys, we go with Andy here too. (I know, my URL says Andrada’s, psssscht).

I’m from a town in NRW in Germany. Even though I am german, I decided to write this blog in english because first I love to speak and to write this beautiful language and second as you may know me through my Instagram account (@liveandbreathewords) and may have found this blog through it I would like that everyone understands what I am writing here.

Before I totally forget: I AM A TOTAL BOOKWORM.

And I guess this is what this blog will be about, writing about the feelings and thoughts I had while I read a book, reviews, which new books I bought and all the other wonderful things regarding books. (Also there may come some posts about films I recently saw and found super great, but I don’t know about that yet.)

That’s one of my main hobbies, my others include: spending time with my friends and my boyfriend, running around the apartment with our british shorthair cat Tinka and watching TV series for example. I know, the typical life.


I hope that you are a bit interested and that you will take a look from time to time at this site.

Thank you for reading this. I hope that you are all having a wonderful day!



5 Gedanken zu “Hello everyone

  1. Juhuu dein erster Beitrag ❤ ich finde es toll, dass du dich dazu entschlossen hast, auch einen Blog zu erstellen hihi ich freue mich schon riesig auf deine Beiträge 🙂 Herzlich Willkommen unter uns Bloggern- ich hoffe du fühlst dich wohl unter uns ❤ hihi


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