Meraki Box September Unboxing


Hello lovelies!
As you may or may not know: I am a rep for the wonderful company that calls itself Meraki Candles. But before I got chosen as a rep I ordered one of their boxes myself:


A box with four candles and a few goodies inspired by the wonderful world and characters of books by Sarah J. Maas who is my queen of writing, so how could I say no to this?
After waiting patiently for September my box arrived and let me tell you this box is amazing.
I knew Meraki Candles before since I already owned two of their candles: Starfall (inspired by the loveliest event in A Court of Mist and Fury) and Rhysand (inspired by the loveliest High Lord in A Court of Mist and Fury).

So which candles where in it? Let me show you:


Ferian Gap is inspired by the place in Heir of Fire where Manon rejoins the other Blackbeaks to choose their wyverns and to train with them for battle. This candle smells like citrus and cloves. A strong scent which fits perfectly to the strength of the Ironteeth Witches.


Lysandra, inspired by one of my favorite characters in the whole Throne of Glass series. Lysandra is such a passionate and badass character, but at the same time she can be such a lovely person.
This candle smells like caramel, figs and chestnut.


Prythian, the Fae territory in the A Court of Thorns and Roses Series. Wanna dive into it? Light up this candle. It has got such a lovely scent. It’s not in any way strong, it’s just there when you light it up and gives you the feeling of sitting under a tree in the endless forests in Prythian.
It smells like musk and evergreen.


Last but not least Velaris, this candle is inspired by the town in A Court of Mist and Fury in which we all were so unbelievable happy. It smells like jasmine, the scent of our beloved High Lord of the Night Court, the sea and freesia. It’s such an amazing scent I fell in love with it. It’s my favorite out of the box.
The whole box has been just amazing and the waiting was definitely worth it.
Not to forget it also contained a bookmark designed by @dinomyteart, a necklace with my favorite quote of all time and a very useful Fireheart pocket mirror.
You can check out MerakiCandles here:

MerakiCandles Instagram Account & Etsy shop

There’s also a code for you to get 10% off, it’s „ANDY10“



Hello everyone

Well, hey. Welcome to my newborn blog!

I don’t usually like to talk about myself so don’t expect something brilliant, but here we go:

My name’s Andy, actually it’s Andrada but since I went to kindergarten, where my friends couldn’t pronounce my full name I’m stuck with Andy. That’s fine with me. It’s one of those cases in which you get called by your given name and you don’t listen to it because everyone calls you Andy normally. So guys, we go with Andy here too. (I know, my URL says Andrada’s, psssscht).

I’m from a town in NRW in Germany. Even though I am german, I decided to write this blog in english because first I love to speak and to write this beautiful language and second as you may know me through my Instagram account (@liveandbreathewords) and may have found this blog through it I would like that everyone understands what I am writing here.

Before I totally forget: I AM A TOTAL BOOKWORM.

And I guess this is what this blog will be about, writing about the feelings and thoughts I had while I read a book, reviews, which new books I bought and all the other wonderful things regarding books. (Also there may come some posts about films I recently saw and found super great, but I don’t know about that yet.)

That’s one of my main hobbies, my others include: spending time with my friends and my boyfriend, running around the apartment with our british shorthair cat Tinka and watching TV series for example. I know, the typical life.


I hope that you are a bit interested and that you will take a look from time to time at this site.

Thank you for reading this. I hope that you are all having a wonderful day!